Dog Snout Care

How we look out for your dog's snout!

Here in Launceston, our Wags'n'Tails team are passionate about finding the very best of Australian sourced products to keep your precious pet safe and well. Sometimes, though, we are happy to travel beyond our shores to add superb quality and important choices to our extensive product range.

This is certainly the case when we chose these superb natural dog snout soother products from the United States based Natural Dog Company. At home in Marble Falls, a small town deep in the Texas Hills, they are based in an amazingly refurbished 1940s log cabin! They use only organic, vegan and completely natural ingredients, always known to be non-toxic, and carefully researched for their protective and deep healing properties, particularly in their superb handcrafted snout balm online range.

Natural Snout Soother - a brilliant dry and cracked dog nose treatment

One of our team described this superb product as 'nose butter for dogs'! This amazing award-winning dog nose balm, available here through our online store, is terrific for dealing sympathetically with dry, chapped, cracked or crusty noses, as well as hyperkeratosis (thickening in the outer skin layers). It works brilliantly as both a natural sunscreen and effective windburn protector; making dog days out in our occasionally harsh or extreme Australian climate all the more enjoyable.

This dry dog nose cream and natural snout soother will help to keep your four-legged buddy's nose soothed, softened and rejuvenated. It includes organic coconut, jojoba, shea nut butter and Kukui nut oils, among others. By the way, it has been carefully crafted to be scent-free, leaving your dog to fully enjoy their world and all its fascinating and exciting smells. You might originally apply it two-three times a day, including bedtime, and perhaps reducing this slightly as their healthy nose shines through.

Snout Soother is available in both tin and stick options and in either use-at-home sizes or smaller travel-with-you options.

No more dull noses with Natural Dog Company's handy Snout Shine Sticks!

This superb and easy to apply nose gloss product offers great protection, but also works in helping your pooch or hound look their best. That's why it's in frequent use for entries in dog shows and photographic shoots (well you'd want to look your best on such occasions as well, wouldn't you). It includes sunflower wax and organic rosehip, sweet almond and castor, camellia seed and other oils - as well as natural vitamin E.

Help your dog to have a world-class snout today!

Solve those dry, cracked nose problems with these superb Natural Dog Company dry dog nose balm online choices now. These natural dog snout soothers in our online store are growing in popularity around the world and by the day. We're proud to offer them for your pet pal right here in Australia.

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