Dog Paw Care Products

Working to pawtect your dog!

Apologies for the awful pun - well, sort of, as it's not our fault. It's the Texas-based Natural Dog Company who chose the brilliant name 'PawTector' for their natural products, and right here you'll find their dog paw cream online for you and your dear pet.

When you're out for a walk, hike, run, jog - or just a good old exploration - with your dog, you'll know how easy it is for them to damage their delicate paw pads - and this can be truly painful for them. Causes might be hard and hot summer pavements, gritty, sandy, pebbly beaches, salt water and their deposits, and even, in parts of our country and at certain times of year, snow!

So let's sniff around their PawTector products

These brilliant natural dog paw balms help to protect against cracked and dry skin by locking in essential moisture. Apply before heading outdoors, because unlike us, our dogs don't have shoes or boots to protect their precious feet. Available in both tin and travel stick options, each creates a protective and nourishing barrier which contains organic mango butter, sunflower oil, carnauba and candelilla wax, rosemary extract and more.

Plus a superb companion Paw Soother

If your poor pet pooch does fall victim to painful paw pads, then this natural dog Paw Soother balm helps to bring comfort back, thanks to its deep healing, nourishing and moisturising properties. It is also often used to treat pet allergies, and hyperkeratosis, often better known as hairy paw, and also for dry elbows. These products are also available in both stick and tin online choices.

By the way, have you ever happened to notice that dogs like licking their paws? This is why the Natural Dog Company always ensures that each ingredient is both organic and vegan, is sourced with total care, and the end result is great to use before your dog beds down for the night.

Protect your dog's precious paws right now!

An end to the discomfort and irritation of dry, cracked and chapped paw pads is just around the corner. These carefully sourced herbal and natural dog paw moisturiser products, as well as our dog paw balm and dog paw lotion online, can help provide relief and protection - things we know you'll want for your dog. So take a closer look.

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