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Sourcing and stocking only quality food to keep your best friend happy and healthy 

  • Big Dog Raw Tasmanian Salmon Dog Food

    Big Dog Raw Tasmanian Salmon Dog Food

    Loaded with fresh, ethically farmed, whole Huon salmon, this recipe is for the four legged seafood lover in your family. Additional high quality protein from fresh meat as well as vitamin and mineral-rich offal from human-grade, RSPCA-approved chicken,...

  • Big Dog Raw Sensitive Skin Dog Food

    Loaded with skin-nourishing and anti-inflammatory goodness, this diet had been formulated to help address skin problems from the inside out and help dogs with itchy, sore, irritated and inflamed skin, get back to their optimal state of health as quickly...

  • Big Dog Raw Wellbeing Dog Food

    Wellbeing is a lower fat healthy raw diet, which has been specifically designed for overweight dogs or dogs requiring dietary support for health conditions such as pancreatic issues, liver conditions, kidney issues and cancer. To our blend of lean muscle...

  • Big Dog Raw Chicken Dog Food

    Big Dogs Chicken recipe uses only the highest Australian quality, human-grade, RSPCA-approved chicken. Blended together with nutritious vitamin and mineral-rich offal from Australian beef, grass-fed lamb, as well as ethically farmed Tasmanian salmon...

  • Big Dog Raw Big Bites Chicken

    Using only RSPCA approved chicken, our Chicken Big Bites are a high quality, species-appropriate diet or treat for dogs of all shapes and sizes. This mixed-protein recipe provides a variety of high quality amino acids coming only from fresh, raw...

  • Big Dog Raw Big Bite Tasmanian Salmon

    Using RSCPA approved Tasmanian Salmon from world-leading Salmon producer Huon Aquaculture, Big Dog Tasmanian Salmon Big Bites are a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and a shiny coat. This mixed-protein recipe provides a variety of high...

  • Black Hawk Grain Free Salmon Dog Food

    Real Australian salmon for strong muscles, healthy bones and vitality. Rich in omega oils for skin and joint health, this novel, highly digestible protein is full of amino acids and iron for bone, muscle and heart health. With no grains, using tapioca...

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