So many ways to keep your dog warm and secure

We all know that it can be cool during our Australian winters; we're based in northern Tasmania and it can be more than that here! You want to keep your dog warm when those sudden chills hit, but fashion-wise, wouldn't it be great to also keep them both stylish and cool at the same time?

Introducing our superb choice of stunning dog apparel online here at Wags'n'Tails. These great products are obviously never seen on fashion show 'catwalks', but are certainly dedicated to making your dog walk with their head erect and tail in constant motion as you both enjoy being out and about.

From these great ranges, it's fun to browse, choose and buy your dog winter clothes in our online store. We select the best from terrific Australian pet apparel companies such as Huskimo and Fuzzyard, and others, and offer these terrific great value choices when you buy your dog their clothes.

Ensuring that important fit

When you click on some of the terrific possibilities, you'll also find a range of colour options, perhaps to match or compliment your dog's coat and size options from petite pooches to rangy hounds.

Let your fun search begin!

For fun times, how about our terrific non-toxic and non-allergenic cotton t-shirts, featuring iconic images such as a cupcake or that almost legendary show Game Of Bones? At the other end of the scale, you might not be clambering up mountains with your best four-legged friend, but the warmth of our sub-zero soft, light and breathable microfleece lined and waterproof shelled Everest jackets and coats surely reaches new heights!

It's also about safety

These are just some of our products which offer vital reflective piping to help keep you and your dog safe and visible on those dull or misty days and during dark evenings or early mornings.

So many more great choices to investigate here when buying clothes for your dog

Our wrap vests feature donuts and other designs and, thanks to their Velcro straps, are so quick and easy to put on, or remove depending on the weather conditions, before or during that bracing winter walk. These, like so many of our products, are also machine washable if any boisterous play from your pet ends up slightly mucky or mud-splattered. A superb alternative for an adventurous pet - and aren't they all - is one of our 100% polyester button up design jackets, perhaps in a stunning Appalachian red or blend-in khaki.

Is your dog a jumper, or would they just love wearing one?

If you’re walking, running and bouncing companion might prefer a traditional jumper, we've got that, and them, well covered too. In oatmeal, navy, and other colours, these stretch fit, cable knit style sweaters, in a wide range of size options, are snug-hug possibilities to keep your pal truly warm. You can even take the coverage a bit further with a super-snug hoodie. Another terrific option are our terrific jammies with a back zip for easy dressing and a press locking stud to keep the coat firmly in place.

Time to choose how best to protect your dog from those unwelcome chills

This is just a quick introduction to the three dozen and more options for when you buy dog winter apparel online with us. As dog owners and lovers ourselves, we make sure only the best is waiting here for you as you leisurely browse, and then buy, your dog some great clothes online from us.

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